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Express your dogs unique personality by custom creating your very own Austrian Crystal collar from the highest quality of materials. 


These collars are durable and made to last. So much so that during creation, if even one stone is placed incorrectly, the entire collar will need to be redone as the stones will no longer come off from the permanent, adhesive free bond. 



REBEL X collars take approximately 6 - 8 hours to complete per collar and are created specifically for your pup. By sizing the collar perfectly, we are able to almost fully wrap the collar in crystal. This means that the adjustability of the collar is approximately 1 inch, so please ensure the measurements of your dog’s neck is accurate.


Available in 46 colours, your options are endless when creating this custom piece for your pup. Made from 100% genuine Canadian leather, this handcrafted piece will not disappoint. 

This new collection is fully customizable specifically for your pup. By using the name REBEL X, we are leaving the collab open. Meaning, when you customize your crystal collar, it is your own personal collab with Rebel. 

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