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About US:

Rebel Dog Co. is handmade locally in Edmonton, Alberta. Every gem is chosen and hand placed to ensure each collar is high quality, affordable and unique. We aspire to be trendy, nonconventional and anything but ordinary. All of our collars are made from vegan leather, which is then dried, cleaned and sanded to grip a construction grade adhesive. The gems are hand placed and left to be cured for the next 72 hours where it will reach its maximum strength bond. From there, we ensure all gems are fully attached and then the collar is placed into its duster bag where they remain until shipping. Each collar takes approximately 1.5 hours to create, and 72 hours to fully dry. 


Our Creator:

Our creator is a local University Student here in Edmonton, Alberta currently studying psychology. Her best friend/companion is her 1 year old french bulldog named Louie who has inspired this collar since day one. Many months ago she was looking for a collar for her pup when she realized that collars such as these were unaffordable to the general population.

From there, she designed her first collar, “No Angel”, which she made her dog wear to the dog park and play dates for several months to test the durability. After many compliments, she decided to make it a business to share her collars for other pups to be able to enjoy and love. 

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